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Issac Wheeler

Vice President, Crew Supervisor, Estimator

Ever since I was a young boy, I have loved to build things. I built wood block bridges, LEGO castles and tree forts and structures that defied description. My parents met at Lane Community College's Energy Management Program, so I guess it's no surprise I ended up being interested in energy efficiency and sustainability and pursued my education in that field.

I have worked in the building science trade since 2005, and had an excellent opportunity to learn and grow as an energy expert and auditor. I have worked with various agencies in and around Minnesota as a third party verifier and building science consultant, and led diagnostic activities with Minnesota area construction and weatherization professionals, explaining the interactions of moisture and energy on building structures and components.

My formal training continues to evolve, as I am a dedicated student of sustainability. I continue to attend professional development workshops and conferences to stay on pace with a constantly evolving industry. I have multiple certifications in the energy field, including Minnesota Advanced Residential Energy Auditor, RESNET as a certified HERS rater and BPI as a building analyst professional.

I have a passion for helping people understand how their house works in relationship to energy, and I look forward to working with you. 


Rick Wheeler


I have actively participated in home performance as a building science starting with energy audits in the 1980's, to indoor air quality technology in the 1990's, to the more comprehensive whole house systems approach currently used in the industry today. I truly value our environment, am curious about the way things work and I get a feeling of great personal satisfaction by contributing to the health and well-being of communities. 

My formal education and training includes a two year degree in energy management, a four year degree in business marketing management and numerous professional developmental workshops and conferences. In the field, I've audited thousands of existing homes, HERS rated over four thousand homes, and performed hundreds of whole house diagnostic evaluations. 

My contracting experience began early in life. My family claims I "loved to take things apart" to satisfy my natural curiosity. One of my first jobs was an apprentice for a general contractor in Naperville, Il at the age of 17 years, where I was able to learn electrical and general remodeling. Later I worked as a handyman, window cleaner, painter and carpenter. These aided me when I moved to Oregon and became a homebuilder, concentrating on remodeling, weatherizing and handy man work. 

To relax and recreate, I practice yoga, Zydeco and Cajun dancing, and cross country skiing.