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Deep Energy Retrofits and Super Insulation

A deep energy retrofit……

  • Is a comprehensive renovation strategy that reduces a building’s energy usage by at least 50%
  • Adapts an existing building for a new goal, using current technology
  • Views a building as a whole, using the wisdom of building science to ensure safety  balance
  • Has many layers, configured to deal with weather extremes
  • Should be considered when siding or roofing a house, since a large part of the expense is already being done
  • Combines strategies of energy conservation, air sealing, moisture management, controlled ventilation, and insulation so that dramatic energy savings are achieved alongside optimal building performance.

A deep energy retrofit is a significant commitment that can be done in phases to fit your budget and overall goals.

A super-insulation system requires both quantity of insulation and quality of workmanship. Insulation is increased to a point beyond conventional practice and careful installation is essential. The water, air, vapor and thermal control layers have to work in conjunction with each other, make sure they are aligned and complete.

It is possible to achieve dramatic improvement compared with standard weatherization—and that’s what deep-energy retrofits are all about.