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FAQ about what to expect

When will the crew arrive? Our crew typically arrives between 8:45 and 9:15, depending on where you live, traffic, weather conditions, etc. Let us know when we schedule your project if you have specific needs.

Does someone need to be there at the beginning/end of the day?  If you are not able to be home when our crew arrives, please make arrangements to leave a key or have someone there to unlock the door at the beginning of the day and advise our crew supervisor how to lock up at the end. If your job will last more than a day, you may want to leave a key for our supervisor in a lock box or pre-determined place.

What do you do when we have bad weather?  If the weather is interfering with travel in the metro area, we may need to reschedule your job. Weather conditions sometimes make it difficult or dangerous to complete certain line items from your Scope of Work; if that is the case, we will return when weather conditions permit.

What about our pets?  Please let us know if you have pets in the home, especially birds. We are happy to work with you on a plan that will keep your pets safe while we work!

Do we need to do anything to prepare the house?  Yes, your assistance helps streamline the process! Start by putting away or protecting anything that is precious to you, especially fragile items. If we are insulating your walls from the interior of your home, please move furniture and other valuables 3 feet from the wall. Make sure the pathway to the attic access is clear and easily reached. If you have a driveway, that may be the best place to park our truck; please make your driveway available if possible. We will contact you about dumpster placement if that is needed for your job.

During what hours of the day will the workers be there?  The time spent varies from job to job; generally the crew leaves by 4 pm, if not sooner. Talk with our crew supervisor for more specifics on your project as it progresses.

What are the impacts likely to be on the rest of the house outside the work area (fumes, dust, etc)?  We tarp walkways where safely possible and do our best to contain dust, but there will likely be some dust generated. If your attic access is in a closet, you may want to move or cover your clothes. We will leave your home broom clean.

We have allergies/asthma, how might this work affect us?  Please notify our office or the crew leader of any health concerns in your family. At times we use the blower door fan to expel fumes, for example when we use two part foam. Of course, it is preferrable for any family member with a compromised respiratory system to be out of the home when the work is being done.

What about change orders?  Every effort is made during our initial visit to identify issues that complicate the installation, such as knob and tube wiring or vermiculite in the attic. When we begin working, on occasion we discover hidden problems that may require another approach. In the event of unforeseen issues, we will discuss the available options before proceeding. Also, if an action is listed on your Scope of Work and we find it is unnecessary or inaccessible, we will subtract that amount from the total bill.

At the end of the day….    Before the job is complete we will reevaluate, or 'test out' your home to identify any remaining drafts and air leaks, take post job photos, and perform a final blower door test to document the results. We would appreciate it if you would plan to make your final payment to SustainMax at the end of the day we complete the job unless other arrangements have been made.

If you discover anything that seems to be a problem or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us. Although you may have had to wait longer than we would have liked to get on our schedule, once you are our customer you will be given priority.

How will I apply for my utility rebate?  Either our crew supervisor will give you a rebate form with the contractor portion completed at the end of your job, or our office will send it shortly after job completion. As soon as we receive your final payment we will email you a paid invoice to include when you submit your rebate application.