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Scheduling your Project

Although SustainMax is dedicated to Building Science to inform and guide how we work with houses, scheduling home improvement jobs is not an exact science! At times unforeseen challenges arise that cause a project to take longer than expected. Whenever possible we prefer to complete a job before moving on to the next, giving each customer our full attention.

Weather is another factor that may affect your scheduled work. Winter brings the potential for truck and road challenges, while summer heat can make an attic dangerously hot for workers. Generally our crew takes the weather in stride and works regardless, but on occasion we may need to reschedule a job. In addition, there are some materials we use that can be affected by extreme temperatures, so that is another consideration stemming from the weather.

If drywall is included in your scope of work, several trips may be necessary at the end of your project for the finishing work of ‘mud and tape’.

If your home was built prior to the 1960’s, please see the section on knob and tube wiring if you don’t know if the electrical has been updated. The same is true for vermiculite insulation; there are safety considerations for both your family and our crew, so please let us know if you suspect or know of either of these concerns.

Thank you in advance for your flexibility around scheduling; it helps us do a better job for you when it’s your turn.